Save the Penguins!

Photo by Toby Zerna / Newspix via Rex USA file

Yes.. those penguins are wearing sweaters. It’s actually a very sad story. These penguins are affected by an oil spill which occured in New Zealand early last month. Thousands of birds have already died. In an attempt to save the penguins, a New Zealand yarn store, Skeinz, had requested these “penguin jumpers”. The jumpers serve two purposes: (1) to keep them warm until they get cleaned up and (2) to prevent them from preening their oil covered feathers. The response from the knitting community has been overwhelming, and Skeinz is still in the process of figuring out what to do with the surplus of jumpers that have come in.

Here’s where you can help. While there are tons of jumpers that have already been made, there is still much donation needed to help with the disaster clean-up effort. Skeinz is now using the surplus jumpers to outfit Flip, the Rescue Fund Penguin Mascot. 100% of the proceeds from these sales goes to the Skeins Penguin Rescue Fund, which will go back into helping clean up the penguins affected by the oil spill.

Flip, the Skeinz Penguin Rescue Fund Mascot

If you would still like to send a jumper to help with the effort, you can find the pattern here and you can send them directly to Skeins at PO Box 3123 Onekawa, Napier 4142, New Zealand . Or, if you’re knitting talents haven’t exactly blossomed yet, my sister, Anni of Noe Crafts, is more than happy to knit a penguin jumper on your behalf. $15 will cover the cost of materials and postage to send the penguin jumpers to Skeinz. Here’s a sample of what she’s made already.

Penguin Jumpers by Anni of Noe Crafts

Contact her directly if you’re interested in sending a penguin jumper!

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