The Vet, The Dog, and… the Worm

Minh and I have had Sprocket for 3 months now. And for the most part.. those three months have been pretty good, especially since we’ve been going to training (more on that next week). That is.. things have been going good until…

… I took her to the dog park. I’m not saying “Don’t take your dog to the dog park”.. by no means. Sprocket LOVED the dog park. It was her first time, and there were about half a dozen (bigger) dogs for her to run around and play with. She let out a lot of energy, and it was great to be able to see her interact with other dogs and run around freely. But.. she also got peed on, molested by a male pit, and after about 30 minutes was hiding under a bench from another dog who was trying to establish “alpha” status.

AND… I’m pretty sure she got tapeworm from the dog park. She must have eaten something while I wasn’t looking. For the last week and a half, she’s been peeing in her crate, which is something she NEVER did even after we took her home from the shelter. At first, we thought she had UTI. We took her to the vet yesterday, and while they didn’t find any signs of bacteria infection, they did find TAPEWORM!!! No wonder she’s still so skinny!

The vet gave us antibiotics anyway, just in case she had low levels of bacteria that did not show up in the urinalysis, and a shot to kill the tapeworm. We’re also upping her daily food because apparently we weren’t feeding her enough. So… with not getting enough food and the tapeworm stealing all of her nutrients away, she’s been trying to compensate with lots of water… which led to a full bladder… which led to more accidents… and lots of cleaning. We’re lucky we had the vet check for tapeworm or else we never would have known.

EXTRA: “There’s a battle in your butt between bacteria and antibiotics!” – Oh… the weird things Minh says sometimes. But.. I love him anyway..

And… TWO BIG THUMBS UP to the Animal Medical Center in Fountain Valley. The vet was great, the staff was amazing, and the place was much better than Minh and I were expecting. Only downside is that it’s walk-in only, no appointments, but I can handle waiting.

One thought on “The Vet, The Dog, and… the Worm

  1. Not fun for any of you! Maybe it was the water at the dog park. I’ve heard that some dogs get sick from drinking from a communal bowl. Pumpkin had a rough first trip to the dog park but now she loves it. I hope Sprocket feels better soon!

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