Homemade Pure Vanilla Extract Trio

Last year I was inspired by this post for homemade vanilla extract from Love and Olive Oil. I went and ordered 1/2 pound madagascar bourbon vanilla beans from Beanilla and set my plan in motion. My goal was to allow the extract to seep for as long as possible so that I would have some pretty good gifts this Christmas. And.. as all good plans end up.. IT WORKED!

Homemade Vanilla Extract Trio - made from rum, vodka, and brandy

Using the recipe provided by Love and Olive Oil, I made a vanilla extract trio using vodka (Smirnoff Triple Distilled), rum (Bacardi Superior), and brandy (Christian Brother VS). The vanilla steeped in the alcohol for about 11 months (roughly November 2010 to October 2011). After 11 months (the extract was a nice amber color) of sitting in a cool dark place, it was filtered (through coffee filters) and bottled. I opted for 2-oz bottles from Specialty Bottle. I created labels using a little lace clipart (from Martha Stewart) and some fun fonts.

Pretty nice, don’t you think?

Some photos of the initial steeping process. Didn’t get any photos of the filtering and bottling though.

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