HAPPY 2012!

'2012' by Iran-born, Amsterdam-based artist Reza Abedini of Orientation Lab

I’ve always been one to make new year’s resolutions and then break them very soon afterwards (we’re talking within a matter of DAYS…). For me, it’s a combination of a few things that lead me to break new year’s resolutions: a lack of motivation and drive, laziness, and convenience.. I guess those are all related to eachother in a way. Here are a few examples of typical resolutions and reasons/excuses why they are broken so quickly

  1. Pay more attention to what I’m eating (i.e. eat better) – “But I’m so hungry and this bag of Flaming Hot Cheetohs is sitting right here..”
  2. Be more diligent about training (i.e. exercise regularly) – “But I’m so tired from work today… and staying up late reading (or playing games)…”
  3. Put a little more effort in what I wear (i.e. dress better) – “But I’m running late. T-shirt and jeans are so easy”

See what I mean? This year, I’ve only made one new year’s resolution:

Run a sub-4-hour marathon.

That shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Anyone else make any resolutions they plan on trying their best to keep?

HAPPY 2012!


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