First Ride Back!

It’s been about six months since Minh and I got a good ride in. Mostly because I’m prone to crashing and we didn’t want to be all bloody and bruised for the wedding.. also because cycling gives you weird tan lines. But now with the wedding done, we’re free to get all sorts of weird tan lines!

This past Saturday, I had my first ride back! It wasn’t fast or far.. but I got a good 20 miles in about an hour and a half. Had to go solo since Minh had to work.


Sunday, the guys wanted to get pizza in Seal Beach, so rather than give my legs a rest, I tagged along (even though I wasn’t allowed any pizza.. story for a different day). This time, we attached our new GoPro to the bike.. it lasted the majority of the ride, but died at some point after lunch while we were riding on the beach path (easy recovery after a heavy lunch for the boys).

You can see that we took many stops.. like the Seal Beach Farmers market and the pier.. and here and there waiting for people to meet up or catch up. Overall a good ride though… Next time, I’m getting pizza.

Side note: Check out our ultra-successful “helmet-lock” technique… where we interlock our helmets around our bicycles to prevent theft.


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