On the Water

A while back, as a wedding present to ourselves, Minh and I purchased a pair of brand new kayaks from REI… he got red, I got green.

We didn’t have a chance to take them out on the water because of the wedding planning, and the increased risk of sunburn (and weird tanlines) on the water. So the quietly sat in our house, first in the living room, then in the garage, and then on a rack that Minh built to store them. We FINALLY got to take them out this past weekend along with our friend Chris. We launched them at Huntington Harber and went for a little sunset glide…

Photo stolen from Chris’ facebook

It was so fun because we had no idea what we were doing and kept paddling in circles. It was also extremely hard on the shoulders, which just shows how little upper body strength I have. Here’s a little time lapse video that we took (because we’re in love with timelapsing now!)..

Looking forward to many more outings on the water!


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