Detox: Week 2

OMG.. I’m so glad these two weeks are OVER!

Choosing foods got easier in this second week, but it was still very hard to pick meals because of the no-corn/no-soy/no-gluten rule. We did a lot more cooking at home and a bit less eating out, which was good.

Brunch – turkey breakfast sausage, breakfast potatoes, GF/Vegan pancakes, berry compote, sous-vide eggs (because I forgot that they weren’t allowed), almond champagne (because it was book club!)
Dinner – grilled rainbow trout, wild rice, grilled zucchini (King’s Fish House)

Lunch: mixed greens salad with grilled salmon
Dinner: roast chicken with potatoes and crispy baked green beans

Lunch: mixed green salad with chicken
Dinner: chicken curry and brown rice

Lunch: “skinny” fish taco (lettuce wrapped – FREE!!), brown rice and black beans (Wahoo’s)
Dinner: vegetarian chili and brown rice

Lunch: brown rice sushi (Whole Foods – FREE!!)
Dinner: leftover chicken curry and brown rice

Friday / Saturday: …
I’ll admit it now.. I ended the detox early. I was pretty much over it, and didn’t feel any different other than craving foods all the time and not liking it one bit. I’m all for eating whole foods and being more aware of what you’re putting into your body, but the detox was just too extreme for me.  I will probably never do a detox ever again, at least not something so long and restrictive… you need to give yourself a break sometimes!


One thought on “Detox: Week 2

  1. Fun times…I am doing a 30 day vegan thing! It took me ages to figure out that was a coconut…all I saw was hairy ice cream!

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