“P” is for Pizza

What started as pizza night for 3 (me, Minh, and John) turned out to be a little pizza party for 10(ish). John had asked a long long time ago to make pizza in our spiffy “pizza oven” (Weber Grill + KettlePizza… modified a bit with some added metal and ceramic tiles). And since pizza is Minh’s favorite food, I’m a bit surprised that it’s taken this long to get a pizza party together..

Toppings included.. basic pizza sauce (crushed tomatoes with olive oil), pesto, mushrooms, red peppers, red onions, pepperoni, prosciutto, basil, garlic, wild arugula, and of course mozzarella (shredded, bocconcini, and sliced). Dough was a basic neopolitan pizza dough from Serious Eats. Turned out pretty awesome, and we’ll probably have many more pizza parties in the future. Just need to tweak temperatures and times slightly… and maybe learn how to make the crust better (not the recipe, but be able to spread the crust thinner and bigger…). Any tips?

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