There’s No Place Like.. the OC Fair

OC Fair 2012

.. Actually.. every county fair out there is probably very similar to the OC Fair.. same expensive fried foods.. same rickety carnival rides.. same giant vegetable contests.. same cute little baby piglets! But, it’s still a good time!


I didn’t go to the fair last year.. or the year before.. Minh isn’t a fan of crowds or heat or paying a ridiculous amount of money for something that’s really bad for you. He also “doesn’t get” art (whatever that means).

Stripes… not on purpose…

On the other hand.. I love the fair. I don’t like the crowds, but I love the food and the people watching and looking at all the crafty things people can make or gigantic vegetables people can grow and perusing the endless aisles of ridiculous gadgetry. I just love the feel of the fair. And who could say no to free parking (at OCC) and $2 entry (early bird on Saturday)?

Doesn’t seem to like me very much, does he?

Unfortunately.. with the detox.. the fair is not as fun… no corn, no sweets, no fried food, no lemonade, no funnel cake, no frozen banana.. it pretty much sucked in that respect.. All I had was a gigantic turkey leg! It was good.. but one cannot survive the fair on turkey leg alone…

om nom nom …

Yarn play house.. Hunter-sized!

Now that the detox is over… I MUST GO BACK!!! Those bloomin’ onions, charred corn, cotton candy, lemonade, everything fried stands better watch out!

In the garden and on the farm.. PIGGIES!!


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