2013 Resolutions

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Big things will be happening in 2013.. and in no particular order..

  • My BFF will be having her SECOND kid!! CRAZY!
  • I’m taking my house with me on a 2-year adventure overseas. Hopefully we’ll get some good trips in while we’re there.
  • My favorite Asian and I are taking a cruise to the Bahamas! and visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
  • We’ll be celebrating a year of wedded bliss.
  • Two of my cousins will be getting MARRIED! I will be sad to miss out on the festivities, but will be sending my love when the time comes.

So.. not sure if you caught that.. but the biggest change for 2013 is that Minh and I will be moving to England. I’ve been given the unique work opportunity to provide onsite support for one of our biggest customers. It’s a two year assignment, after which we will return (I promise) and resume our lives here. Not only is this an amazing career opportunity for me to gain experience with our customer, get more involved on the project side of things, and get insight into the world of business and program management, but it’s also a unique opportunity for Minh and I to be somewhere new and use it as a home-base to see the world. Granted we won’t be based anywhere near London, but to be able to see Europe at our leisure over the course of two years rather than cramming it all into long vacations will be pretty awesome. The exact date of our move is still TBD, since we need to get all the immigration, housing, employment, etc, paperwork finalized/approved/in order, but the time will come before we know it. We have a lot to do before we go, but we are both very excited!!!

And so… it brings us to my resolutions for 2013. Last year’s resolution failed miserably… I only had one resolution for last year, which was to run a sub-4-hour marathon, and it didn’t happen. The only marathon that I signed up for last year, I ended up not training for at all and just doing the half marathon, which I completed in 3 hours and 10 minutes. This year may be some of the same… but I can at least put the goals out there and hope I stick to them.

  1.  Be more patient with people and take a breath before I speak
  2. Spend less and spend wisely
  3. Be mindful of my health, through eating well and exercising
  4. Complete projects rather than collecting WIPs
  5. Become an explorer of the world!

Seems like those resolutions are vague enough that I’ll be able to keep them, right?


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