Half Marathon Diaries

When I first started running, back in 2008, I was training for my first half marathon, the Disneyland Half Marathon. I hated running, but had given myself a goal of completing a full marathon before turning 25, so I strapped on a new pair of sneakers and got to it. I trained hard for that first half marathon, running 5-6 times per week, but without any real training methodology. My training methodology was go out and run.. no speed drills, no hill repeats, no tempo runs. Sadly enough.. even after a few years of training and racing, I still haven’t learned to really incorporate good training into my schedule. And as you’ve heard me say again and again.. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to training and motivation, and my races lately have been greatly below where I would like to be. The first half marathon was my best, and it’s only been downhill from there. Here’s a list of my half marathon times up to 2012 (NOTE: I completed a few half-iron distance triathlons, which include half marathons for the run, and full marathons during this time, but I’m not including those times here).

Disneyland Half Marathon (31 August 2008) – 2:17:13
Long Beach ICB Half Marathon (8 October 2008) – 2:19:56
Surf City Half Marathon (1 February 2009) – 2:24:56
San Francisco Half Marathon (26 July 2009) – 2:31:06
OC Half Marathon (6 May 2012) – 2:52:18

To start off 2013, I ran the Inaugural New Year’s Half Marathon in Los Angeles over the weekend. This was a night run to kick-off the new year, and of course I had very little training leading up to it. Oddly enough, I completed it in better time than I had my previous half marathon (even if only by five minutes… ), and it was a more difficult course (with more hills than expected). I was happy with my finishing time, considering that the last run I did was a over two months ago and was only a little over 2 miles.. but hopefully this will motivate me to do better. If this is what I can do without any training.. what can I do if I actually focus my training?

Inaugural New Year’s Half Marathon (5 January 2013) – 2:46:58

Check out my makeshift duffle made from the post-race mylar blanket! Styling!

Check out my makeshift duffle made from the post-race mylar blanket! Styling!

The course was not my favorite… rolling hills throughout the entire course, which was unexpected. I heard someone at about Mile 7 say, “It’s all downhill from here”… but he was wrong. We did get to run around and through Dodger stadium, which was pretty nice, and we got a nice tour of Downtown LA at night, so at least the course wasn’t boring.


Welcome to Dodger Stadium (parking lot)!


Pretty nice.. even if the entire bottom of the stadium and dugouts are all gutted..

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