In the Kitchen: Sous Vide Duck Legs

Minh and I ate out a lot (A LOT!!) over the holidays.. or if we were eating in, it was big family meals (and heavy) or leftovers (also heavy). In an attempt to save money, Minh has stated to me (several times) that we need to eat in more, and eat healthier. Our first home-cooked meal of the year: Sous Vide Duck Legs, Mac’n’Cheese (semi-homemade), Potato Salad (store bought).

Sous Vide Duck Leg, Mac'n'Cheese, Potato Salad

Sous Vide Duck Leg, Mac’n’Cheese, Potato Salad

Where are the vegetables?!?!? Why such a neutral-colored plate? Probably because I went to the gym and Minh was in charge of making sides.. he loves both mac’n’cheese and potato salad. And doesn’t understand that potatoes don’t really count as vegetables. But.. at least it’s home-cooked and we saved money. And because we sous-vide (sous-vided?) the duck legs, it was a breeze to make. After sitting in the bath all day (starting at frozen), I just gave them a quick sear in a cast iron skillet. Wish I had thought to salt them before searing, but they turned out ok in flavor, A+ for tenderness. Washed it all down with New Belgium Frambozen (which was nice and light and fruity).

New Belgium Frambozen

New Belgium Frambozen

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