Minh’s First Time: Seven Courses of Beef (Bò 7 Món)

One thing that I requested before we leave (and will probably request at least one more time with my family) is Seven Courses of Beef… better known as  Bò 7 Món. Seems like a lot when you say it out loud, but it’s not all that bad. The courses are fairly small, and it’s all shared family-style.. so it’s not like you’re eating seven fat steaks or something. Minh had never tried  Bò 7 Món before, so I HAD to document it (also because I’m Asian, but mostly because it was Minh’s first time). We went to Ánh Hòng Restaurant, which is one of the original places to do this in the Little Saigon area. The seven courses are:

  1. Gỏi bò: Beef salad with pickled carrot, daikon, and celery
  2. Bò chả đùm: Steamed ground beef patties served with shrimp chips
  3. Bò nhúng dấm: Raw slices of beef to be cooked in a vinegared fondue
  4. Bò nướng mỡ chài: Grilled ground beef wrapped in caul fat
  5. Bò lá lốt: Grilled ground beef wrapped in a Lolot leaf (very similar to a grape leaf)
  6. Bò nướng vì: Raw slices of beef to be cooked on a skillet
  7. Cháo Bò: Beef congee
Course #1: Gỏi bò - Beef salad

Course #1: Gỏi bò – Beef salad

Course #2: Bò nhúng dấm

Course #3: Bò nhúng dấm

Course #2, 4, 5, 6 :

Course # 2, 4, 5, 6: Bò chả đùm, Bò nướng mỡ chài, Bò lá lốt, Bò nướng vì

Course #7: Cháo Bò

Course #7: Cháo Bò

We opted to add shrimp and squid to Course #6.. AWESOME! Everything can be eaten by itself or, more traditionally, Course #3 and #6 gets wrapped up like spring rolls.. and I like to do the same with Course #4 and #5. I prefer dipping my rolls (in this instance) in mắm nêm, which is a sauce made with anchovies and pineapple. Minh prefers (since he found out that this was “allowed”) to dip his rolls in (the less “aromatic”) nước mắm (otherwise known as fish sauce), prepared with lemon juice, sugar and vinegar to cut through the saltiness/fishiness of straight up fish sauce.

To continue with our night of “firsts”.. I tried Tastea for the first time, which was just like any other boba place I’ve been to, only the menu was not as overwhelming. Note: Honey boba tastes just like regular boba, only a little sweeter, and has an uncomfortably vibrant green color.

"Mini" Peach Me Freezy with Honey Boba (left) and  "Regular" Strawberry Black Tea with Lychee (right)

“Mini” Peach Me Freezie with Honey Boba (left) and “Regular” Strawberry Black Tea with Lychee (right)

And Chris tried Dairy Queen for the first time… where he was not so impressed with the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard… and I was not so impressed with the lack of swirl on my chocolate dipped cone. But I love Dairy Queen softserve.. and swirl or no swirl.. I always come back.

DQ First-timer!

DQ First-timer!

Where's the swirly? DQ fail!

Where’s the swirly? DQ fail!

We ended the night with a movie at home with Scott and Laurie… finished a bottle of Confectioner’s Chocolate Wine and snacked on Gardetto’s.

Chocolate Wine and Gardetto's

Confectioner’s Chocolate Wine and Gardetto’s

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