Wednesday Wishlist – New Specs

When I was a kid, I always wanted to wear glasses. Yea sure, at the time they had the stigma of ultimate nerdiness… but it also allowed you to have crazy superhero secret identities. Even to this day, I kinda wish I needed glasses, since they’ve transformed from dorky lame to nerd chic. My high school french teacher (the lady) had these AWE-MAZING blue (or were they red?) acetate eyeglasses.. I LOVED THEM! Unfortunately (or fortunately.. depending on how you look at it..) for me, I have pretty good vision. It’s not perfect 20/20 anymore.. but it’s damn close enough that the eye doctor doesn’t think I need glasses (as of five years ago.. probably time for a check-up). I’m due for a check-up.. maybe I’ll get to sport some new specs after all…

Glasses - Wishlist

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