So kiss me and Smile for me…

Because of the Dangerous Dog Act of 1991, Sprocket was not allowed to come with us to the UK. We made arrangements for my uncle to watch her (or take her) for the two years that we’ll be away… But, he lives in Utah, so we had to drive Sprocket out there to drop her off (we weren’t about to traumatize her by shipping her). Also, unfortunately, the rental car didn’t allow pets, so we had to keep Sprocket in her crate for the whole trip.


Had to “contain” her excitement..


She knows something is up…

The trip to Salt Lake City, UT, is LONG.. we knew that it would be a long drive (10 hours), plus stops and what not. We got a late start (didn’t leave OC until 11PM), so we were in for a long drive ahead of us. In an effort to gorge ourselves on All-American food before we would be deprived of it, we stopped at Bob’s Big Boy in Norco on our way out (yes.. only 45 minutes into the drive).


Caramel Turtle Shake. Chili Spaghetti. Patty Melt and Onion Rings.


Bob’s Big Boy – Cowtown, USA

We didn’t do too much while we were in Utah except hang out with Sprocket and Xavier. It was good to spend time with her and get her adjusted to her new home. My uncle has two other dogs of his own (Mika and Chewie), plus they were dog sitting two other dogs over Easter.. so it was almost like he’s running a shelter. I think Sprocket knew something was amiss, but I don’t really know what she’s thinking…


So sad to leave her…

After we left Sprocket, we had to redeem a “loss” that I had last time I was in Vegas.. getting roped into signing up for a time share presentation for a stay at the Venetian. On the way to Vegas, we stopped in St. George to eat at CRACKER BARREL!!! I haven’t been to a Cracker Barrel since I was in grad school, where I first discovered them. It was just as good as I remembered it.. and the store and restaurant looked exactly like the one in VA.



We stayed a couple nights in Vegas. The hotel room was really nice, but the timeshare presentation was FOUR HOURS LONG!!! Good thing we got it over with in the morning and was able to enjoy the rest of the day. We also got to indulge in the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace. The food was good, but the desserts were just so-so…


Sleeping in luxury … perhaps not completely worth the four hour timeshare presentation we had to go to..


Buffets = this is why you’re fat…


Amazing dessert spread at Bacchanal Buffet (looks better than it tasted)

Chris decided to fly out last minute to spend some quality time with us before we left. He came in late on Monday. We grabbed dinner at Grimaldi’s and hung out all night.. he actually got Minh to GAMBLE!! WHAT?!?


Spontaneous visit from Chris in Vegas


Hello/Goodbye Las Vegas!

It was sad to come home without Sprocket there, but she was probably having a blast playing with her new friends. We’ll see if we get her back after two years… after all, she’ll have been with them for longer than she’ll have been with us. As long as she’s happy and taken care of.. that’s what really matters.


One last “family” picture

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