Home, home on the Grange…

Good news! Our shipment of “stuff” came on TUESDAY! Minh was home to get it and partially unpack everything for us. This is what I came home to…


Half of the bikes.. assembled and waiting in the hallway


The other half of the bikes taking up the living room


Minh.. chillin’ on his computer


Kitchen stuff unpacked and remnants of shipping materials


Clothes scattered about everywhere


Some of it hung up in the closet (which I’ve already filled… )


All my shoes.. all lined up in a row


More clothes.. scattered about

I was so happy to have our stuff, especially since I was starting to not want to wear any of the clothes I had and we were both itching to ride our bikes rather than hike the 30 minutes into town. It will take a little while to get everything in its place, but it’s nice to have familiar things around us. Makes this place feel more like home.

Minh got our bikes (all four of them) built up before I got home, so we were able to ride into town to get some dinner. Seriously cut our “commute” down to about 10 minutes. Granted we were on our singlespeeds and pretty out of shape (so we had to walk some of the “hills”), it was still much preferred over walking.

We originally walked into this Chinese restaurant called the Pink Wing for dinner.. smelled good from the outside, and the food looked good from what we could tell with the other customers in there. But there wasn’t a stitch of English in the place, so we had no idea how to order or what to order. And it didn’t look like anyone was working there (or at least not for the couple minutes that we were in there), and the patrons who were there weren’t very helpful, they just kinda looked at us (not rudely staring though). We eventually had to walk out. I do want to try this place sometime, but we need to go with someone who has been there before or can read Chinese.. or both.

Instead.. we walked down the street a little to Jerry’s, which was a hotdog place that was also an arcade and a little casino.. or something like that. Minh and I split a big fat Hoop Doggie Dog, which is essentially a fat foot-long hotdog with SpaghettiOs (or rather the British equivalent) on it. And yes.. it tastes EXACTLY like how it sounds. Actually, SpaghettiOs would probably have been better.. on a Costco polish sausage.

Hoop Doggie Dog, YO!

Hoop Doggie Dog, YO!

Minh’s going to spend the rest of the week getting our stuff unpacked and put away where it “needs to be”.. and then this will really feel like home. Same but different…


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