Welcome to Wayne Manor

Welcome to Wayne Manor

Welcome to Wayne Manor

Another beautiful morning on Sunday (14 April). Minh and I jumped on our bikes and road out to Wollaton Hall and Deer Park. Check out the pictures below… if it looks familiar, it’s because the exterior of Wollaton Hall was used as Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises. Pretty cool, right?


My house taking pictures of a possible dream house..


It’s just as big as it looks..


Didn’t go inside, but took plenty of pictures outside


Even Wayne Manor can’t escape the “chemtrails”


It was CRAZY windy that day (and every day since…)



There are carvings and busts all around the building


Peaking over the trees


Stairway into the “back garden”.. also a golf course


The grounds were (kinda) surrounded by this trench/moat


I wonder which other superheroes call Wayne Manor home.. ??


Bat signals? (no.. just lights)

We didn’t get to go inside, since admission is £5 per person, and we’re trying to save money for a little while (since we’re on our last £10 in cash and haven’t put any money in our UK bank account yet… soon though). We’ll be back though.. maybe next month.. to take a tour of the inside and see the park once the trees have leaves again. We did take a walk around the park a little bit, to see what was going on. Surprisingly, there was a little pop-up market happening in the courtyard..


Stumbled upon this random pop-up.. where we found out there are hundred of types of bees in the UK…


These memorial benches are ALL OVER the park.. must be a beloved spot for many


Our first encounter with a red phone booth


Wild beast hotel


Nature Art


Overview of Deer Park from the Hall


Wollaton Hall and Deer Park
Wollaton, Nottingham NG8 2AE
011 44 (0) 115 915 3900

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