Back on the Run

After many many months of not running (and not very much working out at all), I started running again.. sorta. After work, I strapped on my running shoes and went for a jog(ish). The park down the street from the house has a half-mile loop (on a hill) that I gave a shot…


Nice little park just across and down the street from The Grange


Going counter clockwise.. you start with a down hill..


The park borders some private land..


.. with HORSES!!


Uphill is gradual at first.. then steps.. then steeper..


View at the top of the steps..


The park overlooks much of Bramcote


.. including one of MANY churches in the area

Granted, I only did one mile (pathetic!).. and walked most of the uphill (even more pathetic)… but you gotta (re)start somewhere, right? Baby steps… If I keep at this, then I’ll get back to where I was when I first started running… maybe even faster.

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