Settled In

I think I can officially say now that we’ve settled in to the UK. Accomplishments this week:

  • GOT PAID (finally!)
  • transferred our bills over
  • got internet at home!
  • got my work credit card
  • drove (almost) the whole week WITHOUT stalling!

When we were getting out internet installed, we accidentally bumped a high table and knocked over one of the sculptures that was already in the flat. Luckily, it was only worth £100, and it will come out of our deposit.. so it wasn’t one of the more expensive pieces of art in the flat.



It was really stupid, because if the floor was even, then the art would not have been knocked over, but the carpet is all uneven where the stand was, so it wasn’t very stable. OH wells.. we’ll just have to deal with it, right?

I haven’t gotten  a cell yet, but Minh’s on his and we have internet, so if anyone wants to chat, you can find us on our Gmail accounts.

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