Take me back to my childhood… ICECREAM!!

When I was a kid, we ate all sorts of desserts.. even cake for breakfast! My mom, afterall, was a wedding cake baker in her free time (hope I have free time when I become a mom). One of the desserts we would only get everyone once in a while was Viennetta Icecream .. mostly because it was fancy looking (and maybe expensive). As we got older, we stopped eating it.. I don’t know if it’s because we just got over it and my mom stopped buying it.. or if we weren’t able to find it anymore. I tried looking for it when I was in college, but could never find it… but in the UK…

BAM! Got this at Sainsbury's. They also had plain vanilla...

BAM! Got this at Sainsbury’s. They also had plain vanilla…

pretty icecream ripples

pretty icecream ripples

one slice.. just for me!

one slice.. just for me!

So the box isn’t as fancy as I remember it being, and it looks totally different from what I remember it being.. but it’s still delicious!

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