Mellow Weekend

This last weekend (27-28 April) was pretty mellow. Saturday we did a mock ride-to-work to see if it’s something that I would actually want to do. Here’s the route

4-30-2013 11-43-15 AM

Because we stopped a bunch of times to make sure that we were going the right way, the ride to work took about 2 hours. Even if I knew the route pretty well, it would still probably take 1.5 hours… mostly because of having to ride through city centers in the first half and groomed (but not paved) paths on the second half. So probably not going to be riding my bike to work… Might consider it more if I had brought the cross bike.. but oh wells.

We got rained on on the way back, but we managed to get over it. When we got close to the house, I slipped on my pedals trying to clip-in, and hurt myself rather badly… so I used that as an excuse to be lazy the rest of the weekend. During which I caught up on all of my TV shows on Saturday and managed to watch the first five episodes of Game of Thrones Season 2 (yea.. I’m behind) on Sunday. And then I napped because all that TV gave me a massive headache.. go figure. For dinner, Minh and I walked into town for Chinese food.


Just a stroll to town…


Left to Beeston.. Right to ??? (home)


more of the path to town..


I choose you, PIKACHU!!!


I don’t even know…


Construction for a new tramline.. set to open at the END of 2014


The Bee Man, in Beeston


Bees are actually this huge here..

There are four Chinese restaurants in town… we tried Lucky Cantonese to start, just because it seemed to be the busiest at the time. We did a set meal for 2, which was £10 per person. It came with chicken and corn soup, sauteed beef in chili bean sauce, sweet and sour chicken, mixed vegetables in bean sauce, and egg fried rice. It wasn’t bad, but definitely not “authentic” as it claimed to be. Tasted very westernized, like any Chinese takeout place. We’ll have to try the other restaurants to see if they’re any better. Hopefully yes.. one of them is supposed to be so authentic, there isn’t even any English on the menu or on the signs inside the restaurant (The Pink Wing)! Next time…


Starter of prawn chips


Chicken and corn soup.. was better with a dash of pepper




Sweet and Sour Chicken


Beef in Chili Bean Sauce


Mixed veggies in black bean sauce


All this (plus the soup) for £21

At least they have boxes so you can take your leftovers home at this place…


“Thank you for your custom” 🙂

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