Going Underground – City of Caves (Nottingham)

Something really cool about Nottingham is that was built (way back in the day) over a sandstone cliff. As a result, and over the years, there is now an extensive network of caves that goes throughout the city. The caves were made over the centuries for many different purposes… food storage, cellars, underground roads and hideouts, pubs and inns, gambling rings, tanneries, bomb shelters, etc. As the city was growing, caves were covered up and forgotten and then later on rediscovered during excavations for new building developments. If you drive around the city, you can actually see entrances to caves all over the place.

Anyway… Minh and I had a free weekend, so we spent Saturday doing some touristy things in Nottingham. One of the stops was The City of Caves, which is  a small portion of the caves beneath Broadmarsh Shopping Centre. It was pretty neat, because we could see the  how the caves were used for a multitude of purposes throughout the centuries. There were sections that were used as ancient and medieval water wells. We walked through an old tannery. We sat in a replica WWII bomb shelter. We saw the foundation of the shopping center. See pictures in the gallery below (click to enlarge):

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