Crime&Punishment – Galleries of Justice (Nottingham)

If you’re interested in finding out about the history of the justice system in the UK (or at least in Nottingham), you should definitely check out the Galleries of Justice. It started out a bit slow, maybe because we were a tad late and or maybe because the Sheriff of Nottingham was not my favorite of the three characters we encountered during the tour. But, it was interesting to find out that the Galleries of Justice was used for sentencing as recently as 1990.. that they used to have public executions on site.. and we discovered who the lady on the £5-note is (Elizabeth Fry).

We actually learned a lot from the museum… especially about the differences between how the Georgians treated prisoners and how the Victorians treated prisoners. The main difference being that the Georgians were ruthless with the treatment of their prisoners, whereas the Victorians came along with all sorts of reform, like productive and unproductive work and separating the women from the men. There was also an exhibit on Her Majesty’s (HM) Prison, but we were allowed to take pictures in that exhibit.

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