Derbyshire Food and Drink Festival


As spring is now in full swing (and we can say good bye to the long winter they had here)… it’s time for the Food Festivals. These aren’t like the food festivals that we would expect at home (like the “Taste of …” events that happen throughout the year)… these are more like our typical farmer’s markets or craft fairs, where people are selling “homemade” food and goods. Also, it costs money to enter.. but still totally worth it.

We learned how to NOT put out a “chip fire” (a grease fire), but didn’t learn how to put it out. The only advice the fire authority told us was to turn off the gas and call the fire department. By the time the fire department comes, wouldn’t the kitchen (and maybe the house) be up in flames? We sampled some good food, including, but not limited too… brownies, spicy peanut butter, cupcakes, salami, chorizo, cheese, sausage rolls,… it was great!

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