On the Road – Finally..

Back in the saddle

Back in the saddle

When we first came over here and saw the road quality around here, I wasn’t so sure that we made the right decision shipping our road bikes over here. Well, we finally got to put some miles on them (together). It was slow and a bit painful, but it was nice to put on a kit and get out on the road (with gears). Here’s a couple time lapse videos of the ride. My GoPro ran out of batteries after we turned around, so it didn’t make it all the way back to the flat.


At the turn around, we stopped by a little farm store. It was exactly what I want to retire to some day.. a small store off the side of the road with two dogs, plenty of chickens to get eggs from, and TWO PEACOCKS! Just add a dairy cow and a couple goats, and I could retire there… some day.. maybe…

After we got back from the ride, I had a “snack” of veggie spring rolls and Banoffee Frijj Milkshake. And we headed into Nottingham for the rest of our Saturday… including gazelle burger for me (zebra burger for Minh).

After ride snack..

After ride snack..

Gazelle burger with caramelized onions

Gazelle burger with caramelized onions

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