Liverpool – Dining Out

Minh and I took a last-minute trip to Liverpool (Home of the Beatles… though we didn’t do any Beatles related touristy things while there… ) over the holiday weekend. We’re still sifting through the thousands of pictures that we took while we were there… but in the meantime, I thought I’d tickle your tastebuds with photos of all the food we ate over the weekend.

Sunday – Lunch – Bistro Jacques (Hardman Street) – tempura vegetables, chicken and mushroom penne, French platter (cured meat – frog legs – poisson cake – marinated olives – baked Camembert – mixed berry jam – gherkins), creme brulee


Sunday – Dinner – Alma de Cuba (Seel Street) – lycheetini, mojito, steamed mussels in white wine garlic sauce, crispy roasted duck, spicy pork belly with sweet potato wedges, chocolate and orange springs rolls with vanilla icecream


Monday – Breakfast – McDonald’s (St. John’s Shopping Center) – small coffee, sausage and egg mcmuffin, breakfast wrap (sorry no picture)

Monday – Lunch – Revolution (Albert Dock) – strawberry woo woo pitcher, chicken katsu with curry sauce, king prawn linguini


Monday – Dinner – Host (Hope Street) – Vietnamese iced coffee, duck gyoza, crispy sea bass, smoked tofu


Tuesday – Breakfast – Bold Street Coffee (Bold Street) – latte, croissant, french toast with bacon and maple syrup


Tuesday – Lunch – TriBeCa (Berry Street) – spiced pear collins, Brooklyn lager, margherita pizza, Italian sausage and roasted fennel pizza

More on the rest of our trip later… which involves a lot of walking and a lot of pictures and not a lot of being out at night.

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