Shorts Weather – Crosby Beach

Minh and I started off our Liverpool weekend with a trip to the beach. Now, back in California, 60*F weather would not usually warrant a day at the beach.. but here in the UK (where they’ve been having an unusually cold spring), any day when the sun comes out is a beach day.

Great day to go to the BEACH!

Great day to go to the BEACH!

Crosby Beach is located north of Liverpool.. and it’s not a “bathing” beach.. probably because the water is brown and gross. Along a stretch of Crosby Beach is Antony Gormley‘s Another Place. This work of art is made up of 100 cast figures spread across 3 kilometers of the beach and out as far as 1 kilometer into the ocean. Each figure is based on the artist’s body and weights about 650 kg (over 1400 lb). At high tide, all of the figures are submerged underwater… Luckily, we came during low(ish) tide…

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