Liverpool has a reputation. I’m not completely sure what that reputation is, but I got a hint of it from our holiday weekend. In all, we visited 7 museums/places of interest that gave us a pretty nice overview of Liverpool history. We didn’t do much in terms of nightlife or “culture”.. but we still had a good time.

More on the museums later.. but here are some pictures that we took around town.. starting with the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. We didn’t get to go inside because it was already late by the time we got there.. but we took a stroll around the outside. It’s actually really cool looking, especially with the stained glass panels that surround it.

Back in the day, Liverpool had a huge Chinese population. Chinese people first came to Liverpool in the 1850s, involved in the shipping of silk and cotton wool. Overtime, the Chinese population has dwindled down a bit, and Chinatown may not be as spectacular as it once was, but they do boast the largest multispan arch outside of China.

Something random that we stumbled upon while we were walking around… the Bombed Out Church (a.k.a. Church of St. Luke). The cathedral was more or less destroyed during WWII, during the Liverpool Blitz. Now it’s used as an outdoor venue for events. We didn’t get a chance to go inside, but we did get some good shots of the outside (and “inside” shots with the GoPro that Minh will post on his blog).

Scattered around Liverpool are these Superlambanana sculptures. The original superlambanana was a gigantic (17-foot tall) bright yellow sculpture that was supposed to be a cross between a lamb and a banana. As part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture celebrations, smaller superlambananas were commissioned and located throughout the city. Each was painted by a different artists. Here are just a few that we came across during our visit…

Another thing we came across while in Liverpool was random messages and art on buildings. Some of it was old and faded.. others newer.

We spent a lot of time over by Alfred Dock checking out the museums.. Here are some shots of the dock and the “Three Graces” down the street. The “Three Graces” is comprised of the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building. We didn’t go inside any of them, but they were very nice from the outside…

And lastly for now.. just down the street from our hotel (on Hope Street) was a collection of luggage. Some of the luggage belonged to some famous people you may have heard of.. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Charles Dickens.. just to name a few.

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