{museum life} Merseyside Maritime Museum and International Slavery Museum – Liverpool

This is just a quick post on the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum. We didn’t take that many pictures inside.. and it was fairly crowded because of the Battle of the Atlantic reenactment that they were doing that day.

We always learn something when we walk into a museum.. like how the White Star Line (think Titanic) was based on Liverpool.. who knew? And to think we weren’t even going to go to the Maritime Museum…

There was also an exhibition on smuggling through the port. It was incredibly interesting (and innovative if you think of all the different ways people try to smuggle things into the country).. but also very dark.. so we didn’t take any pictures. It’s amazing to think how the smuggling and counterfeit industry has been around forever (pretty much since people stopped making their own things and started buying goods) and how clever people are about smuggling things in and out of the country.. especially booze, tobacco, and weapons.

The International Slavery Museum was also very dark.. so we only took a couple pictures. It was also VERY HOT up there.. so we didn’t stay for very long. Probably whizzed buy it the quickest of all the museums that weekend.

We also stopped by the Piermasters House. It was just a mock-up of what a piermaster’s house would have been like during WWII. Since there wasn’t TV or internet to get your news and entertainment from.. people gathered in the family room round the radio and read newspapers. It kinda did feel like we stepped back into the 1940s.

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