Liverpool Cathedral and St. James’ Cemetery


The Liverpool Cathedral is the largest Anglican cathedral in the UK, and the fifth largest in the world. Building started in 1909, but the cathedral wasn’t complete until 1978, which is probably why it’s not damaged from WWII. It was absolutely beautiful inside, and quite majestic. The 16th Earl of Derbyshire is entombed here. The only odd thing about it was the neon sign in the back..

Next to the cathedral is St. James’ Cemetery. The site was originally a stone quarry, that was then repurposed as a cemetery. It was used a cemetery from 1826 to 1936, and had a over 57,000 burials here. It was converted to a park in 1927, and many of the gravestones were cleared. As you can see in the pictures below, it looks like some of the gravestones were used to support the landscaping features like the slopes and ramps.

One thought on “Liverpool Cathedral and St. James’ Cemetery

  1. Tran,
    The church details are so beautiful.
    Thanks for all , feeling like I am traveling w/ yoư & Minh every days.

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