{museum life} World Museum – Liverpool

The very last museum we visited in Liverpool was the World Museum. We were almost not going to visit it, but one of the docents at the Walker Art Museum had recommended it if we had time. I was really glad that we decided to make time for it because we learned all sorts of interesting things.

For instance… did you know that back in the Victorian age, and well into the 20th century, the used to have public mummy un-wrapping events? This was before they could use x-ray and other technologies to see if the mummies were buried with any treasures or valuables that could be put on display at the museum. In the past, each person who attended the event would come away with a swatch of the mummy wrappings.. WEIRD and COOL! Wish I could have lived in that time period!

We also got to see live bugs!! I’m usually very afraid of bugs in the wild (or in the house.. or just anywhere near me).. but when they’re behind glass, it’s totally fascinating. We didn’t get very clear pictures because it was pretty dark in the bug exhibition, but you can still see what’s behind the glass.


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