{castle life} Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Gardens


The weather has gone back to doom and gloom this week, but we did have a “spell” of great warm weather and sunshine at the beginning of the month. To take advantage of it, Minh and I headed down to Coventry to check out Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Gardens. While we were down there, we signed up for English Heritage membership, which would allow us to get in free to hundreds of English Heritage sites around the country. Most of these places are ruins of old halls, castles, and abbeys, but they’re still really cool.. arguably cooler than a castle that has been maintained or renovated.

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Kenilworth Castle has a long history, the original castle being built during the Norman Conquest, and the subsequent sections being added as different people acquired the castle. The best story is probably that Robert Dudley (the first Earl of Leicester) built a huge section of the castle and the gardens for Queen Elizabeth I, in the hopes that she would marry him (more to the story than that.. but I’m summarizing).

While we were there, we picked up Nigel (I’ve named him Nigel, since Minh did not give me a name for him)… who will continue with us on our English Heritage adventure. Cute, right?

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