{castle life} Bolsover Castle


Part one of our English Heritage Double Feature Sunday is Bolsover Castle. Quick History: Bolsover Castle was built by the Peveril family (that name sounds familiar, doesn’t it?), but became property of “the crown” when William Peveril the Younger died in 1155. Some people owned it for a while.. and then Sir George Talbot (husband of Bess of Hardwick) bought it in 1553. Her son, Sir Charles Cavendish, purchased in in 1608 and proceeded to build what is now known as the Little Castle. This was completed by his son, William Cavendish, in 1621.




William Cavendish was known for his love of horses, and his contribution to dressage. He published books on the matter back in his day, which is much of where the standard for modern-day dressage comes from. We got to see a short demonstration, but weren’t allowed to take any pictures.. They said it would disturb the horses, but I just think the want to keep their secrets… (pictures of and inside the old stables.. but no horses)


The main hall (where all the parties took place) was more or less in ruin.. not much of a roof left, but the walls were still up, and you could imagine traipsing through the hall in all your finest garb. There was also a great view of the countryside from the back (which is actually the main entrance to the castle and grounds).

The Little Castle was fairly well kept. There was artwork on the walls of unnamed people, but the rooms (in all their original painted glory) were beautiful. And I loved the painted motifs on the walls of the rooms.. each having there own theme. For instance, one room had paintings representing the five senses. Another had paintings of different saints. The two closets in the main bedroom were painted in opposite, one with picture of heaven (with the cherubs and everything) and the other showing a more pagan lifestyle (with the Roman gods enjoying their trademark activities). (sorry for the blurry pictures.. it’s a combination of the camera battery dying and my lack of photography skills)


Here some more shots of the oustide that didn’t make sense with the other sets. Also.. proof that Nigel the Dragon made it to Bolsover Castle.

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