David Mellor Cutlery Factory

You would not typically think that a cutlery factory would be that interesting, but this was a nice roadside stop for us to drop into. We just saw the sign on the side of the road as we were driving up to Peveril Castle, so on our way home later, we decided to drop by.


You can read all about David Mellor and see his entire collection of cutlery and knives online. A little pricey for us right now, but a really really nice set. Kinda wish we had registered for a set of fine china and silverwear.. oh wells. The really cool things about David Mellor was that he designed the traffic signals and pedestrian signs and road barriers that are used all around England. Pretty cool!

We came in time to get a tour of the factory, where ALL the David Mellor cutlery is made.. from blanks to finished product. It’s a small operation, but makes really high quality products. From start to finish, a piece of cutlery can take around 12 hours to make.. that’s just one piece! No wonder this stuff is expensive..

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