{kickstarter} DIG IT! Archaeology of Nicaragua

Ok.. first a bit of honesty.. I learned how to spell archaeology today. Seriously. Who knew there was a second “a”?

More importantly, I wanted to share a Kickstarter campaign with as many people as I can… It’s called “DIG IT! Archaeology of Nicaragua“, a project by Justin Lowry (a friend who told me that thousands of years from now, when they are doing archaeological digs of our present time.. they will think that we worshipped these magical talking picture boxes.. not his exact words).

As of 10:30AM (British Summer Time) today (June 17, 2013).. they are less than 20% to their goal with 26 days to go.  With your backing, you will help them discover the story of ancient Nicaragua, that can then be shared with the world and create a more complete history of ancient Central America. That’s sounds pretty cool, right? For more information, please visit their Kickstarter campaign: DIG IT! Archaeology of Nicaragua

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