Playing Catch-up

Sorry for the lack of updates. It’s due mostly to my laziness and just doing other things. Minh, also, has not been updating his blog, but I’m not really sure what his excuse is.. Before I go into the recap, I have to say that this has been an exceptionally nice summer over here.. and I keep hearing people say that it’s better than the “Summer of ’76”. We had three full weeks of dry, sunny weather, with temperatures well into the mid- to hi-80s, and some days getting into the 90s. If this is a once-in-a-generation kind of summer, then I’m glad we were here to experience.  Anyway.. here’s a photographic journey of nearly everything we’ve been up to this summer… (so far)…

Ashby de la Zouch Castle

Wall Roman Site

Calke Abbey

Nottingham Cycle Live

… in which I came in first place amongst all the other women who took part in Rollapaluza.

White Post Farms

Kirby Muxloe Castle

Heritage Motor Center

Creswell Crags

You can’t see it that well, but some of these pictures contain paleolithic cave drawings made by “our” ice age ancestors. I tried to include the picture of the ibis and the bull, but not sure if you can make them out in these pictures.

Kirby Hall

We counted a total of 9 or so peacocks just roaming around the property…

Lyddington Bede House

Minh and I had to look up what a “bede house” is.. so a Bedesman is a pensioner or almsman whose job it is to pray for his benefactor… and a bede house is where they live. I still don’t really get it…

Rushton Triangular Lodge

This building is known as a folly… which is architectural-speak for a building with no real purpose except decoration. Everything about this building is in Three’s.. three-sided building, three floors, triangular and hexagonal windows.. etc. etc.

Nottingham Riverside Festival

This is pretty much a local big fair, with carnival rides and games and all that. Weird thing though… the rides and carnival games are all “decorated” in grossly inappropriate half-naked women.. kinda like a strip club. The one cool thing about the festival was they had a display of steam engines and musical machines… those were really cool.

Blackberry Picking (Foraging)

Just a few miles from our home, Minh came across about a mile of public footpath that was overrun with wild blackberry bushes. We rode out one day and decided to do some blackberry picking (very hunter-gatherer of us). We were able to pick about 10 GBP worth (about 10 cups) of blackberries.. FOR FREE! Now.. what to do with them?

With the exception of our out-of-country trips, I think that gets us all caught up, right? More on our Paris trip (and our first anniversary) and our Munich trip later.

Hope everyone out there is having a great summer!!

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