On my own – Week 1

Minh’s gone back to California a few weeks before me, just to get some stuff done and get away from here. That means I need to take care of myself for a few weeks until I fly home. You would think being a responsible adult would mean that I could do that.. and normally you would be right.. but I was a bit at a loss on his first day gone (Tuesday). After stocking our fridge with groceries so I wouldn’t starve, things started to look up. Here’ s a look of what I ate, just to show everyone that I CAN still cook for myself…

  • Wednesday/Thursday Lunch – Mixed greens salad with avocado, mushrooms, red pepper, carrots, celery, cucumber and tuna
  • Wednesday Dinner – Veggie eggroll spring rolls, Cadbury Creme Egg (only one)
  • Thursday Dinner – Sauteed Lemongrass Shrimp with Quinoa and Bok Choy
  • Thursday Night Movie Snack – Plain popcorn with smoked paprika and parmesan
  • Friday Lunch – Chicken Soup
  • Friday Dinner – Bird’s Eye Simply Breaded Cod Fillet with Pepper/Mushroom Quinoa and Broccoli
  • Saturday Lunch – Quinoa Stuffed Bell Pepper

Also.. since Minh was not here, I got to use his extra “closet” during the week.. the “closet” is actually the couch in our bedroom that Minh just throws his clothes on during the week. I put my clothes away Saturday morning, but here’s the pile of work clothes that I wore this week.


Less than two weeks to go and I’ll be home! So excited!

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