Nottingham Light Night


Last night (Friday, Feb 28) was Light Night in Nottingham. I don’t really know what the point of Light Night is, but there were events going on around the city.. so I headed into town to check it out. Here are some pictures I took around town.. mostly at Nottingham Castle and in the City Centre.

They were projecting images onto the town hall..

Outside the castle at the Robin Hood statue, they had lined the pathways with mason jars decorated by kids around town.. I took A LOT of pictures of those

At the castle itself, they were projecting WWI images onto the castle, had WWI sing-a-longs around the grounds, and other WWI related activities.

There were also art installations around town.. some with bikes, some interactive. The businesses and buildings around town also lit up in pretty lights, but nothing really really special…

One last random picture unrelated to Light Night.. but found this random Minion balloon that got stuck in a window dome.. 🙂


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