End of February – Meals this Week

Since Minh’s been gone, I’ve been trying my best to eat really healthy. That’s not to say that we don’t eat healthy when Minh is here, but .. we don’t.. at least we don’t make any particular effort to do so. Anywho, since I’ll be stuffing my face with all sorts of yummy food when I head home on Friday, I’ve been particularly careful about not overeating in the weeks leading up to my trip home. Here’s a snapshot of nearly everything I ate this week (minus the whole fruit – apples, pears, grapes, nectarines, any duplicate meals and some snacks – seasoned popcorn, pistachios)..

So mostly ovo-lacto-vegetarian  (that means with eggs and dairy) for my meals… except for two. The tuna sandwich I had to buy at work because I forgot to bring salad dressing for my packed lunch. It’s the first time I’ve had to buy lunch at work this year. I was pretty disappointed since I’ve been really good about making sure my lunches were packed with either leftovers or simple sandwiches or salads. The other non-vegetarian meal was for convenience. I had a late(r) night (than usual) at work on Thursday and was also stuck in ridiculously non-moving traffic on the way home.. so it was just easier to toss the fish in the oven with some asparagus (added in for the last five minutes) than to try to “make” something.

Countdown to my trip home – less than a week! I’ve made a mental list of everything I want to eat when I get home, which consists mostly of stuff that I can’t get here, a few new places that have opened up in the last year, and anything that isn’t pub food.

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