Back in the UK

I’ve been back in the UK now for just under a week. I had an awesome trip back to California and was very sad to be leaving my family and friends again for another year. I was also sad to be leaving Minh back there for another few weeks. But, I’ll see him soon enough, and a year will pass by just as quickly as the first. I’ll post a recap of my trip in the next few days.

Not much exciting has happened since I’ve been back in the UK. Just back to the grind of work and having to cook for myself. I did get rear-ended on my first day back, but it was super minor (like no dents or damage or injuries or anything and at a very very slow speed), so not a big deal. And I passed my UK Driving Test (“by the skin of my teeth” as the test facilitator said), which is good. Here’s a recap of what I’ve ate (for dinner mostly) this week..

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