California Living

Trying to cram a year’s worth of catching up and hanging out in three weeks is extremely hard. Pair that with two weddings and work makes it all that much more difficult. But I think I managed to get some really good quality time in with my friends and family while I was home. Here’s are some highlights of what I got up to while I was home…

Opened a massive amount of packages filled with NEW CLOTHES! But Minh also said that with all this new clothes that I wasn’t allowed to buy anymore clothes. So I had to start paring down my wardrobe, with a pile going to my BFF and a pile going to charity.

Celebrated Anni-palooza: Bachelorette Weekend in Carlsbad – mani/pedi – Anni and Morgan’s Wedding – Disneyland – 33rd Birthday Dinner

Hanging out with my favorite Asian (Angie): Beer Flights at the Bruery – campfire hangout at Minh’s “secret spot” – climbing at SenderOne

Several visits to SenderOne Climbing – looking forward to getting memberships when we come home permanently

Finding out that my BFF is a sharpshooter – Minh and I took her shooting for the first time at Raahauge’s

Katie and Andy’s Wedding – yea.. I only have one picture for this one…


Love this guy!

I wish I had more time at home and was very sad to leave. Was so happy to see everyone and looking forward to seeing you all again in a year!


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