Marketplace Europe – Nottingham Global Market

Over the last few days, the Old Market Square in Nottingham has played host to the Nottingham Global Market, put on by Marketplace Europe. I won some vouchers to spend at the Market, so I headed out there on Saturday to check it out. I don’t particularly like driving into town and parking can get expensive, so I took the bus instead (the weather wasn’t nice enough to ride).

I got £50, so I picked up some coffee, foccacia bread, cured meats, nuts, and some food for later (paella, stewed mushrooms and roasted potatoes with chicken). It was a nice market, but it wasn’t anything particularly special. I don’t know what else I was expecting.. maybe just more international food goods to take home, rather than having to eat it there. It also would have been better if Minh was there, then he could share more food with me instead of me only getting to try some things since I was by myself.

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