{national trust} May and June at the National Trust

Since getting National Trust membership, Minh and I have been trying to visit the nearby properties on weekends when we’re not away. I already mentioned Calke Abbey in a previous post, but here are the other properties that we visited during May and June.

Kedleston Hall

Kedleston Hallwas home to the Curzon family since the 12th century, and includes a treasure trove of “souvenirs” from India and Asia collected from when Lord Curzon was Viceroy of India. This was also the film location for The Duchess starring Keira Knightly.


The Workhouse

Somehow, we managed to get three tours of The Workhouse .. the exterior welcome tour, a guided tour of the grounds, and then a quick walkthrough on our own to capture pictures. We skipped the audio tour, since we had already gone through two guided tours, but we did sit through the introductory video, which is well worth it.

For anyone not familiar with workhouses (as Minh and I weren’t before this visit), they were set-up during Victorian times to help the poor.. something like a homeless shelter, but you had to work for your keep. The Workhouse in Southwell is the most complete workhouse in existence, since most other workhouses around the country gave way to hospitals, elderly homes or other facilities.

Woolsthorpe Manor

Woolsthorpe Manor was the childhood home of Sir Isaac Newton. The legendary apple tree still stands in the garden, sort of. Supposedly, the original apple tree was damaged many years ago, but another tree has grown from the stump.

Belton House

Belton House was home to the Brownlow and Cust Family, starting with Sir John Brownlow in 1685. It stayed in the family for 300 years! Prince Charles stayed here while he was training at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell. I overheard a story while we were walking around the house about the sixth Baron, Peregrine Cust, and the soap opera drama that surrounded the abdication of King Edward VIII. Fascinating stuff, if you’re interested in royalty scandals.

One thought on “{national trust} May and June at the National Trust

  1. Hi Tran. Thanks for visiting The Workhouse and including us in your blog. We’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures at National Trust places in the Midlands. Your photographs are fantastic and I would love to talk to you about the potential of using a couple of your photos on our website (we would credit you of course). If this is something that you would be interested in then can you please drop me an email: lynsey.woods@nationaltrust.org.uk. Many thanks!

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