{brew files} The National Brewery Center (Burton-upon-Trent, UK)

Minh and I had an Amazon Local deal for the National Brewery Center, so we decided to cash in on it one weekend where our original plan fell through. The National Brewery Center is located in Burton-upon-Trent, which is known for it’s special water. Back in the day, everyone wanted to brew their beer with water from Burton, something about the minerals that gave the beer that extra something. These days, you can add minerals and salts to your water to get the same effect.. and process known as burtonisation.


Most people associate the National Brewery Center with Bass Brewery, which used to be located here, but it now the Molson-Coors Brewery. A lot of the history and exhibits on display at the National Brewery Center are associated with Bass, but there’s still a lot of history and general process information that is the same for all brews.

I would highly recommend checking out the National Brewery Center is you’re interested in beer in general. They have all sorts of historic objects related to brewing beer and local UK breweries, including old cars, brewing equipment, and various pub goods. They also have one shire horse, which is GIGANTIC. Before ever seeing the shire horse (or knowing anything about it), I always that Clydesdale horses were the largest horses (there is also a Clydesdale at the National Brewery Center). But after seeing the two next to eachother.. the Clydesdale looks puny.

You can opt to go through the entire museum on your own (at your own pace), or hook onto a guided tour (two a day, 11am and 1:30pm). I would recommend the guided tour, because the guide will tell you things that you may not be able to glean from the signs alone, and has insight on the local history of how beer and breweries affected life in Burton. Your admission includes four tastings in their on-sight pub, which was also a plus.

The National Brewery Center
Horninglow Street,
Burton Upon Trent,
DE14 1NG


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