Climbing Horseshoe Quarry

Minh and I had our first sport climbing outing a few weekends ago. We’ve been climbing indoors at the gym (not regularly) for a little over a year. Sad to say that because of the inconsistency, I haven’t really improved much. Maybe a little more confidence because of the familiarity, but still climbing on the beginner level.


In our larger outdoor area (being the Peak District), Minh’s research led us to Horseshoe Quarry, which has a mix of sport climbs at different levels of difficulty and lengths. It would have been nice if we started venturing out earlier in the summer and progressively improved so that we could do harder climbs (especially since we’ve been having a lot of great sunny days), but I’m glad we were able to make it out at least one time before the rain comes back in full force. We were only able to do a handful of easier climbs, but it was a great change of scenery.

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