Manchester Weekend

I would be lying if I said that the main reason why I wanted to visit Manchester was NOT to go to Taco Bell. It might sound silly (and probably unhealthy), but I love Taco Bell. I’m pretty sure the Crunchy Taco Supreme is near the top of my list of favorite fast food delicacies. Here in the UK, there are only three Taco Bell locations – 2 in Essex and 1 in Manchester. Back home in California, there are  at least five Taco Bells within my home city.. FIVE!

Taco Bell aside.. Manchester was actually a great city to visit for a couple days. We spent a day at the Museum of Science and Industry, ate a bunch of food – including dinner at Michael Caines at ABode, and did some walking around the city. Overall a pretty relaxed and pleasant weekend.

Museum of Science and Industry

MOSI is a pretty awesome museum (and FREE!). Minh and I learned all sorts of stuff about science and technology in Manchester, including the cotton mill and textile industry, the development and changes in the sewer system from Roman times to present, tons of steam engines on display, the introduction of the gas lamp, and much more.

Michael Caines at ABode

While we were there, we decided to have one fancy dinner at Michelin-starred Michael Caines at ABode. Minh has been a little put off on fine dining now, since the level of deliciousness is not proportional to the increased cost.. considering that we’re both perfectly happy with Five Guys and Taco Bell. It’s not to say that fine dining isn’t good to indulge in every now and then, but definitely a special occasion sort of deal only.

Random Eats and around town

Surprisingly, we found pretty amazing Vietnamese food in Manchester – first stop being Viet Shack at the Manchester Arndale Food Hall, and the second a small restaurant called Saigon Lotus.

I’ll leave you with one last picture that Minh was so happy to find. It’s not in Manchester, but was a little detour we took on our way through the Peak District.


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