BBQ, Lobster and Beer.. weekend of non-fine-dining in London

London is like nothing else in the rest of the UK. Whereas we can drive to any village or town in the UK and expect (more or less) the same High Street stores, pubs, restaurants and people, London is a toss-up. This time around, Minh picked all our eats, which consisted of American BBQ and, incidently, lobster!

Weekend started with dinner at The Lockhart, where we tried our first ever pickled egg. Mississippi-born chef Brad MacDonald (who once worked at Noma and per se ) does not dissapoint. Nor does whoever he has manning the bar.. the Lady Lockhart (gin, marschino, lemon, cucumber) was amazing.

Saturday found us at the Borough Market, where we dined on the simple, but delicious, street food from the stalls there. A bit overwhelming with the crowd, but definitely worth a visit to get in the real market experience, with all the sights and sounds. There are also restaurants and small shops around that are worth a visit, like Monmouth Coffee and The Rake.

Dinner (after The Comedy of Errors and a long walk from The Globe Theater) was amazing BBQ and seafood platters at the Big Easy Covent Garden. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Our last lunch before heading back to the East Midlands was at Burger & Lobster (fifth floor of Harvey Nichols – Knightsbridge). Sometimes I wish all menus could be so simple… for £20, you have your choice of burger, lobster, or lobster roll – comes with fries and side salad.

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