The Globe Theater and The Comedy of Errors {London}

A visit to the Globe Theater has been on my bucket list for a while.. ever since I saw Shakespeare in Love and found out that a Globe Theater was still in existence, Granted, the Globe Theater in London is not the original and isn’t even on the site of the original Globe Theater, it’s still an amazing place to visit.


The exhibition and tour are extremely informative on the Globe Theater in it’s modern form and the former theater, which is only a couple blocks away. We also found out that, as much as possible, the current Globe Theater was built using the same materials and building techniques that were used for the original. That means (aside from the electricity and safety measures) everything was made with no modern building equipment. Craziness right?

After the tour, we walked by the location of the original Globe Theater (now the site of modern-day apartments and a parking lot) and the site where they uncovered the old Rose Theater. The Rose Theater foundations are still there, but they’re trying to raise money to complete the excavations.

We also caught a show later in the evening – The Comedy of Errors. We stood in the front with the rest of the groundlings, which wasn’t too bad for the duration of the play, but I can see it being a problem for the longer plays. If you’re ever in London, I would highly recommend this experience. It’s only £5 for tickets in the courtyard, and it was well worth it.

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