{castle life} Warwick Castle

One of the first things my coworkers asked me after I had been here for a few weeks was whether or not I had visited Warwick Castle. Having had our fill of castles, manors, and old properties from English Heritage and National Trust memberships, we didn’t really see the point in visiting. That all came to an end when we had a free day to visit.

Having seen many castles in various states of decay, renovation and restoration, Warwick Castle was a bit of an anomaly… a cross between a greatly restored property and a theme-park attraction… especially with all the wax sculptures in the various walk-throughs and exhibits. We had some fun with those.

We did end up spending the whole day there – from opening to closing – and got in as many shows, attractions, and sites as we could. Of course we couldn’t miss the trebuchet launching a fireball or the Flight of the Eagles show, including an Andean condor.

We also added on the Castle Dungeon tour. I (being the scaredy-pants that I am) went through it with a bit of trepidation, staying close to Minh the whole time. It’s nothing like the mazes you get at Knott’s Scary Farm, but it’s still has its share of spooks and things that jump out at you. It’s a bit of comedy and history and scariness all together.

Overall a good day to just be out, even with all the silliness associated with historic places being turned into theme parks.


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