A Hipster’s London (Day out in East London)

A while back, Minh and I spent a(nother) weekend down in London. Nothing special going on this time that we had planned, but just a weekend in a city much more happening than anything near our flat. This time we spent pretty much all of Saturday in the hipster part of town.. Welcome to East London!


Of course the first stop was coffee… 2 coffees actually.

After being thoroughly caffeinated, we headed over to check out Spitalfields City Farm, which is a fairly decent sized farm in the middle of the city. They have all manner of farm-yard animals (pigs, cows, donkeys, chickens, ducks, etc.. even ferrets and guinea pigs). They also have elaborate gardens and greenhouses, and even a decent-sized bug hotel and a totem pole. While there, we ran into the (self-proclaimed) King of the Bottletops.

The rest of the morning was spent immersing ourselves amongst the hipster crowds.. which included amazingly good food (of course) and neat little shops (including the BOXPARK Pop-Up Mall and some record perusal at Rough Trade Records)… I can’t even remember the last time I set foot in a record store, let alone the last time I purchased a CD (what are those?).

In the afternoon, we headed further north to pick up some monster supplies and then immersed ourselves in some free design inspiration at the Geffrye Museum. As part of the London Design Festival which was finishing up that weekend, a bunch of galleries and spaces were open and free to the public, displaying (and selling) new works by designers from around the UK. Some stuff was really cool, other stuff not so much… but that’s how it goes with art and design.


We ended the night with some more good food at the last (for the summer) Street Feast at Dalston Yard.

It is likely we could have spent more than just one day in this area, there was actually quite a bit going on, not to mention that Minh “discovered” a street with more than 15 Vietnamese restaurants (!!!), but we had other plans for Sunday.

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